Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lampworked beads

Here is a pic of a Sterling Silver and my Lampworked beads.

I love the organic coloring of the ivory and of course, turquoise.

I don't get as much time on my torch as I would like but work with it when I can.

I am not a fan of matchy-matchy stuff. Ask anyone that knows me, the more unstructured the item the better I like it.

American Indian Squaw

Here is a pic of the American Indian Squaw I did. I became certified in Silver Art Clay to make jewelry for my Indian sculptures. As you can see, I haven't finished that part of it yet.

She is about 2.5 feet tall. She has holes in her ears for earrings.

Eyes of blown glass from Germany.

Alpaca Roving for her hair.

Sherri Serafini Collar

This is the collar design by Sherri Serafini. I ordered the pattern and recreated it.

Absolutely a piece of art.

I love turquoise and this incorporates all the different aspects of it.

Took about a week to do. Once the elements were gathered. That took about 2-3 weeks as some of it had to be ordered from multiple places.

Sherri is truly gifted, I love her work and hope to be 1/3 as good as her.

Close up of The Ogar

Here is a close up of The Ogar. Complete with hair on his nose, wings and teeth.

A little scary!

The Ogar

If you do not take care of The Brownie, per the story, it will turn into the Ogar. I also sculpted this figure. The Brownie figure is shown on a previous post.

This figure has very small wings on his back. He also has hair on the bridge of his nose.

He is holding a piece of broken glass, simulating the damage the little guy can create!

Close up of The Brownie

Here is a close up of The Brownie, complete with ear hair, whiskers and clay teeth.

Some of my creations...

One of my favorite art mediums is polymer clay. I have taken classes from internationally known doll artists as I wanted to create Santa figures. I have made some but they just didn't challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged.

I expanded into American Indian figures, book drawing figures and sci-fi. I will attach some of the pics here.

A while back, I purchased a book called "Spiderwick's" for my grandson, Hunter. While looking through the book I saw some drawings that looked very interesting. I decided to try to recreate them in three dimensions.

The first one, "The Brownie". This character in the book fixes your clothes while you sleep. Hence, the needle and button in his hat. The challenge here is to make him realistic complete with whiskers and ear hair!